Built in Wine Refrigerator & Cooler has become an enormous query due to several burning factors we often forget before making the buying decision.

So, what is a Built-in Wine Refrigerator?

A built-in wine chiller is not the typical free standing one which can be placed under the counter or in the middle of shelves.

Usually there are so many available sizes but, you need to decide which one to buy before designing your kitchen or bar cabinet.

If you need to have a tailored version, it would really cost you higher.


Consider followings before buying a built-in wine chiller

Storage Capacity

Storage is one of the key driver that reflects the price. In the market, built-in coolers vary from 200+ bottle capacity to the smallest number of 25.

So, this is the very common phenomena – decide your approximated capacity.

Don’t forget to see cooling system

As discussed earlier, there are two types of cooling system.

  • Thermoelectric cooling and,
  • Compressor cooling.

The Thermoelectric version makes comparably lower noise & vibration than that of compressor-based cooling.

There are some notable advantages & disadvantages to knowing. Our previous article clearly presents all of the issues regarding that.

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