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1. Get the Right Legal Advice – When it comes to exporting your business from Italy to Canada, it is in one sense a straightforward procedure, but you also need to have the right lawyer services to ensure your move goes without a problemConsulting a lawyer will help you navigate the legal process of business start-up and immigration, as well as helping you with any other legal issues that may crop up as you are running your business in Canada. 2. Know the Ins and Outs of Buying Real Estate – As a non-resident in Canada, you are allowed to buy real estate for your business or a home. However, you will need to verse yourself in the ins and outs of foreign ownership of property.For example, while Canadian lenders finance the real estate purchases of non-residents, they usually require much larger down payments (often about 35%). Also, mortgage interest rates may be higher than what residents might pay.Taxes and insurance are areas that you will have to bring yourself up to speed with. You will also need to find a real estate agent, who knows all the intricacies of foreign property ownership

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