Adele, the popular singer remains fail to complete her world tour as she damages her vocal chords and forced to cancel her last two London’s Wembley stadium show.

Adele fans should allow getting a refund for their payments due to abandoning the London’s show after many expressed anger over not refunding for booking fees.

She remains heart broken in front of fans as she posted her words in different social platforms ‘On medical advice, I was unable to perform over the weekend’.

‘I have struggled hard in last two shows while singing at the stage and it would damage my vocal chords and was devastated with my decision’.

She added that ‘I am unhappy with my decision and apologize to all my fans where the payments of the fans should be refunded where the gigs will never reschedule due to a medical problem’.

Fans get frustrated when Ticket Company announces to return partial payment:

The ticketing company announces that they will return the partial money to the fans of Adele in which only ticketing fees include and booking fees will never refund – after this announcement, the fans will take Twitter to express their frustrations. Read More

Later the ticketing company Eventim make their announcement on the Twitter and promise to deliver the money back to the fans as they posted ‘On this occasion, where the Wembley Stadium concert had been cancelled on 1 and 2 July, we return not only the tickets but with the booking fees and the process of refunding will continue across coming weeks’.

Earlier this week, Adele posted lot of words towards the cancellation of the concert ‘Today I am heartbroken would be the complete statement and I am so desperate to do them and I apologize to all my friends while standing in front of you’

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