The Best Preschool in Faridabad science activities and experiments can inspire, motivate, and encourage your kiddos to get involved in science!  Preschoolers are natural little scientists!  They love to learn about, touch, and investigate their world.  Most preschoolers will discover their own science projects as they explore outside, in the kitchen, and with manipulative.  Kids love to experiment!  Let them mix, match, and check things out (with safe supervision, of course!).

I encourage everyone who works with kids to let them explore at least one science experiment every week.  The activities on this page are a fantastic place to start–we have done them all and loved them!  Choose one, or let your kiddos choose one, and see where they take it!

A lot of these science projects are also fun for older children.  If your kids can read, let them choose an experiment or follow the directions.  Just remember that all the science activities here are meant to be done with appropriate in supervision!

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