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Owners’ best friend – the automatic pet feeder:

The most tricky thing about having a pet is that it does not mesh well with any particularly active work and social calendars. If one is on the go constantly, it is very easy to miss important things now and then. Particularly busy individuals have some trouble remembering to feed even themselves, leave some another creature. But having a life full of work does not mean that such person can not have a pet. There are a lot of reasons somebody might utilize an automatic pet feeder. How one can be at home during work time to feed one’s dog or cat? Of course, it is not possible. And at the same time, regular and reliable feedings help in digestion and aid one’s cat or dog to stay on a schedule. One may have lots of time to spend with his pet in general, but if it comes at some odd times, an automatic pet feeder can perform this bit boring job of feeding so one can maximize the time spent with the pet. Furthermore, these automatic feeders almost all come with some sort of portion control also. If is busy and somehow feeling guilty about it, one might find himself rewarding one’s dog or cat with a little bit extra food to make up for one’s absence. The extra food — and the random schedule too — will immediately lead to obesity, which in turn leads to some health problems. Most automatic pet feeders let one to dial in the exact amount of food for every feeding. These feeders make one’s life easier. So, now the question arises that there are so many automatic feeders available in the market; whom one should trust? Well… For our readers, we have done some research.  For weight control as well schedule maintenance, here is the top best automatic pet feeders. pet feeder With product dimensions(L x W x H) 39cm x 21cm x 40cm, package Dimensions(L x W x H) 41cm x 25cm x 22cm, weight approximately 1.3kg, gross weight approximately 1.7kg, maximum food hopper capacity 5L, power source 3 x D batteries (NOT included), material ABS, and colour black, it is Automatic Pet Feeder 5Ler. It is merely of $56.99. This is a very simple automatic feeding unit that makes one to recall some automatic coffee makers with built-in grinders. It has a hopper and a shiny black plate attached. The food is served depending on the feeding cycle one selects. One options range from 1/8 of cup to 4 cups at a frequency of up to as many times per day as one wants. The stainless bowl is also removable and dishwasher safe. To power it, one will either require four D cell batteries or one of this automatic feeder power adapters. Furthermore, it is not expensive, particularly given that it is modern and but it does not offer any  integration with smartphones like few new feeders available in the market. That being said, with the comparatively large bowl and also optional large feeding portion, this can work even for medium as well large dogs where others may not.

Top 10 Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard:

A chicken coop or hen house is a small house type structure for female chickens to keep them safe follow up by some nest boxes inside for make it easier for the birds to sleep there or lay down their eggs. It is usually kept in backyards or in the gardens. It has an indoor area for the chickens to sleep and nest as well to lay their eggs. We must have an outdoor area with the coops to feed the chickens and hey could spend majority of their day running and spinning in the outdoor area. For the cleanliness purpose we must place some dropping boards or litter (such as straw) inside the coops to collect chicken feces. Cleaning the coop after every two week and shifting the litter every day is a mandatory thing. For easier cleanup, the floors of the coops should be made up of loose material such as straw or wood chips. Other than cleanliness purpose we have other matter to check upon in security of the coops and chickens, a coop should be locked at night with all the chickens inside. Highlighting the basic purpose of a Bingo chicken coops are to protect chickens from all kind of weathers – heat, cold, wind, storm, rain and etc. And securing them from predators too. Keeping in mind the method to protect chickens is to put an isolation material between two layers of wood or bricks as chickens don’t like heat, and oxygen is a mandatory thing. While making windows we should always be oriented in such a way as to prevent overheating. Proper ventilation is must to defend the chickens from overheating and infectious bronchitis. Another purpose pops up for chicken coops is to defend the hens, chicks and eggs from the predators–especially foxes and cats and other animals. The hens can be released outside by daylight but should be locked in a coop at night to avoid any accident. Following are some attractive chicken coops that catches your eye when you enter the backyard, giving best of specifications. 1) Shades of Blue: This coop is designed in such a way that we can grab eggs easily. 2) Colorful and Homey: This coop giving touch of home structure is beautifully designed allowing you to check upon your chickens live from the net. 3) Chicks-Wil-A A perfect home structure with no indoor runway for chickens.  One of a family reused their children’s old bunk bed and scrap metal from a horse shelter to come up with this chicken coop. 4) Chick Brooding Cabinet This coop is not large enough to be filled with all of the chickens but it is the perfect spot for brooding the chicks. 5) Cherry Yellow Painting it yellow to seek more attention when one enters the backyard. This coop gives a separate area to hens to spend their all day long along. It also have window boxes. 6) Repurposed swing set Recycling things is a very good option, to make this frame structured coop we reused swing set. 7) Pretty functional This coop gives a larger area for chickens as an outdoor path. Attaching some curtains helps to save the hens from sun giving an elegant look to the coop. 8) Repurposed crib Reusing old crib in such a way that we makes it a chicken coop allowing chickens to lay eggs there, eat and sleep. 9) Rustic Modern Made from reclaimed wood this bright red coop has vinyl flooring, nesting boxes and roasting bars. Giving you larger space for more of hens. 10) Chicken coop with run Extra-large internal space with two large side nesting boxes with 6 compartments and hinged nesting boxes for easy access.