Home remedy for cockroaches Treatments

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Home remedy for cockroaches Treatments

Cockroaches and their control, these days a common problem and to keep safe yourself from these is not an easy task .For that needs complete sanitation of kitchen and full home requires hard work and dedication to get rid of these roaches

There are 2 ways whether you go for cockroach control & repellent services from experts or you try some home made smelly chemicals that will helps a lot.

Precautions that can be taken for cockroach control-

Keep the Kitchen clean and all appliances-

Keep your home clean even the hidden places-

Cockroaches generally live in moist places –

Continuously spray the cockroach repellents-

Keep Food items in one area of house-

Clean kitchen thoroughly before going to bed every day-

Keep garbage cans clean and covered-

Home remedy for cockroaches Control-

Home made cockroach spray can be made from the completely non toxic essential oils,that can help you in getting rid of the cockroaches.Cypress oil and peppermint oil works as an most effective home made cockroach control & repellent spray. with these 2x oils a cockroach repellent can be made by adding 8 drops of cypress oil and 10 drops of peppermint oil in a cup of water is enough to prepare the cockroach repellent solution.

There are many pest control services providers or company which help in providing complete solution of this problem .Generally people contact them to get better experienced services but this home made solution works but not in severe conditions.

pest rajan123
pest rajan123
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